Advantages Of Using Automated Backlink Creator WP Plugins

For 2013 and beyond, the webmaster who creates the most high-quality back links (links pointing back to their site) from authority sites - will dominate the search engines. Google now pays close attention to back links coming from established (authoritative) sites and uses it as one of it's main determining factors for a sites ranking.

The problem is, getting these backlinks manually can get extremely time-consuming and frustrating. However, with an automatic backlink creator plugin for WordPress you can avoid all this hassle and frustration and get the back links you need on complete autopilot. Click here to see the one I use!

Here are 5 reasons why you should use this plug in for your WordPress site.

Reason #1 - Saves You Time

Using an automatic back link creator plugin saves you lots of time. Unlike other software like SEnukeXCR and Ultimate Bookmarking Demon, this plug-in runs in the background hands-free on autopilot. All you have to do is enter your keywords and let the plug-in do the rest of the work. Then you can focus your time on important tasks like creating quality content and converting all of your leads into customers.

Reason #2 - Saves You Money

Whether you buy back links or you build them yourself, it is a time-consuming process that costs a lot of money. For example, a monthly membership to SEnukeXCR costs $147. In addition to that, you will need to purchase or write your own content for the software to work. On the other hand, using an automatic
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backlink creator plugin costs only a one-time payment, and you best of all, you never need to create content for it.

Reason #3 - Saves You Frustration

If you have ever tried to use software tools to build back links or contact other bloggers in your niche to do guest posts, you know how frustrating it can be. Sometimes your computer freezes from using SEO software, or your internet connection goes down. Sometimes your Web 2.0 property submissions don't go through, or get deleted by administrators.

Most of the time bloggers never answer your emails for doing guest posts anyway, because they don't care about your website in the first place. Using this automated plug-in, you can avoid this frustration and instead have your back links built on autopilot regardless of whether you're sleeping or hanging out on the beach.

Reason #4 - Increases Your Rankings

One of the most influential factors that Google takes into consideration when determining your rankings is the frequency that you build back links to your website. Most webmasters blast out hundreds of links at a time and then go weeks without building any backlinks. Google sees this as an obvious attempt to try to manipulate their rankings. The good thing about this plugin, is that it builds a consistent amount of backlinks over time, instead of building a large volume of backlinks all at once.

Reason #5 - Makes You More Money

As you know, the higher your website ranks in Google, Yahoo, and Bing, the more money you will make. There is no other way to get high website rankings than to build great back links. And the best way to build back links is to use hands-free solutions such as the automatic backlink creator plugin - Samson Elite. For more information on this plug-in, visit the official website here: