Does Work? (Quick Review)

Do NOT sign up for before you read this review and see my proof!
As you will have noticed from my Rank Crew endorsement and my Samson Elite review (or lack there of), I am not that good at writing cool sounding reviews. Frankly, I don't think what I say matters too much - as long as it's true and best of all - I have proof that it works.

I have used various indexing services over the years and have had pretty good success with most of them. Most of them do what they are designed to do but few do it as well as Linklicious is doing it.

In fact, some of the cool technologies they are implementing over at Link Licious just blows my mind. All the tracking they do, all the submission to various search engine spiders, etc. It blows my mind.

Here is the #1 question: Does it work?

The fact that you are on this page means YES, it works very well!

You see, I never recommend an SEO tool or service (whether manual or automated) unless I use it myself and get results using it. The fact that you are reading this means whatever I did to rank high enough (in the search engines) to bring you here - works.
Linklicious was one of the cheap backlink indexing services I used to get these rankings. Worth the money? I think so!

You can build all the backlinks in the world, but if the search engines never find out about them, what good are they?

If you do any kind of SEO or backlink building, needs to become an important part in your search engine domination strategy!