How to Mix Up Your Back Links

As you know an important part of SEO is in having back links pointing to your site. While most people know that this should be a good part of your search engine optimization techniques do you know that backlinks can be created in other ways than just creating articles?

Let’s do a quick recap of other ways you can create backlinks. Many of these things can actually be created from your main article or blog post! How’s that for re-purposing your content?

Slides - One of the easiest ways to create new backlinks is to take your article and turn it into a quick slide presentation. Use either Microsoft PowerPoint or Open Office to achieve this. There are plenty of templates that you can use and don’t forget to add your logo or image of an eBook if you have one. Try to use something that will help brand your content across any site where your content may be found.
To create your slide presentation simply copy and paste each paragraph from your post onto a separate slide. Don’t forget to make a nice title page and make your last slide one that tells your reader what to do next. Such as Sign Up for My Free Report Below or Click this Link for Additional Information.

Videos – Next you can create quick videos from your blog post or article. This takes basically the same steps as we described above for creating slides. When your slides are completed use a program such as Windows Movie Maker to create your video. It does help if you record the article in your own voice as well and then add your recording to match each slide.

Once you have done this step you simply upload your completed video to YouTube and other video sharing sites. Just include your URL’s in the description area link back to your main site.

Pod Casts – while people love video content audio content is also really popular. Pod casts are good for anyone who doesn't like to do video or who doesn't want to show their face. Plus pod casts are easy to create and they usually load much faster than videos.

As you can see it is very easy to find lots of different ways to take one article or blog post and turn it into different formats. Each format will help you create new backlinks back to your site. Once you have re-purposed your content a few times the entire process will get faster and you will easily have four or five different formats created in one sitting.