Top Manual Backlink Building Services that Work Today!

NOTE: This is a quick review (see link here) of the facts behind Jon Leger's manual backlink building service and proof of how it still works today!

If you have been dabbling with search engine optimization for a number of years, you will be familiar with automated spam bots that would cost a few hundred dollars to buy, but would then allow you to create thousands upon thousands of low quality backlinks almost instantaneously.

They worked great. People were getting top search engine ranking right, left, and center and their sites would generate so much traffic that they became millionaires almost over night!

Then it happened... Google, Yahoo, and Bing (MSN Search back then) caught on and started to heavily penalize sites involved in these kinds of spammy backlinking behavior.

Site's with these kinds of low quality backlinks got penalized so hard that many Search Engine Optimization specialists (SEOs) started preaching "the end" of backlinks - claiming they did not work anymore.

Nothing could have been further from the truth though!

Backlinks still work, and they work really really well. Not those cheap (low quality) mass-blasted ones that used to work, no. They are done. In fact, the more of those your sites get today, the lower your rankings will go.

If you get high quality backlinks to your websites though, your rankings will improve - not just on Google, but on Bing and Yahoo as well!

Want to know my favorite part though? When you build high quality backlinks, you don't need hundreds of thousands of them (like you used to) to get top rankings.

Depending on the keywords you are going after, you might still need a bunch of links to get to the top of Google, but if the backlinks are top quality - you can keep on building them without ever having to fear getting penalized.

I know what you're asking...
"Ok Susan, I get it. Top quality backlinks are king. But where the heck do I get them from?"
The truth is, you either build them yourself - manually - or you have them manually built by someone else!

I used to always manually build high quality backlinks myself simply because I could not find anyone out there who would do it for me the way I wanted them to.

Heck, I even hired a bunch of people overseas who worked full time - building these backlinks for me. They were great people, but their link building sucked. It just wasn't up to par with what I considered to be "high quality" backlinks.

Did I mention it cost me a fortune to always outsource these tasks? Not to mention, by the time I finished explaining how I wanted my links built, I could have built a few dozen myself. It just wasn't for me!

So I tried fiverr. I used to outsource a lot of my manual link building there but guess what? The quality standard I had set for my own sites wasn't there. So I went back to building all my backlinks myself again.

That was until I discovered RankCrew - a manual backlink building service started by Jon Leger - one of my favorite SEO legends.

I read rave reviews about their service and signed up - added some money to the account - and then went ahead and tried them out. First one campaign, then another, and then another. I skeptically double checked all the reports they sent me and was relieved to finally have found a service that not only matched my expectations, but also exceeded it.

Just about every time they send me a completion report (that shows the backlinks they manually built for me), I go ahead and order two more campaigns. It's not only addicting, but has been a huge help in getting my sites ranked on top of the search engines.

If you're still on the edge - wondering if RankCrew is for you - just sign up already. It is free to sign up and you only buy credits if you see something you really like. I know you will like them - because their backlinks are the best I've ever bought in all my years of internet marketing.

Sure, there are great automation tools out there that will generate a lot of backlinks on auto-pilot. Some of these are not bad. In fact, I personally use and recommend some of them, but only use them in conjunction with manual backlink building services like RankCrew!