Link Building can be Confusing

If you do any type of marketing online you will know that the internet changes at lightning speed. As a marketer it is important to stay abreast of these changes and one of the major players in how link building is affected is Google.

Google loves to do major updates and their Panda update shook plenty of marketers at their core. Their latest Hummingbird update also impacted those who work online.

The Panda update in 2012 really clamped down on quality links. Many article directories and writing mill sites were affected badly. Some even ended up shutting down. The result of this means Google Memethat the quality of your content really counts and so does the quality of your back link.

At one time it was easy to pay someone to spend all day creating links all over the internet for you. As long as the link pointed back to your site, it didn’t matter where it came from. All of this has changed.

This has been a good thing for visitors to websites. They can now expect to read and receive quality content from the website masters. The higher quality sites are now listed much higher in the search engine rankings, so these will be the first to receive website visitors.

There are various ways to generate back links to your site today. Of course the first is by publishing quality content on other blogs and in article directories. This can be achieved by writing guest posts for other blogs in your niche. As well as the power of the back link you are also gaining targeted traffic. For a guest post to act as a backlink you must have the ability to leave a link in the author bio section of your post.

One of the big players today is Social Media and this is a method no marketer should overlook these days. Every serious company or individual marketer should have some type of presence on social media. This could be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google+.

By creating interesting and informative content on your social pages your fans will begin to share your content. This will help immensely with your backlinking. One way to jazz up your content to make it more shareable is by adding images, people love to share images like crazy!

Taking advantage of newsworthy topics can also help, especially if you don’t mind getting a little controversial! Just something to keep in mind, that isn’t always for everyone.

Of course there are plugins and software that can help you create backlinks as well. If you decide to go this route ensure that the creator of the software is legitimate and uses correct link building techniques.