Discovering the Best Ways to Link to Your Site

If you do any type of marketing online you already know that there is a right and a wrong way to add links to your site. If you link in the wrong way all you are really doing is causing your site to have a quick surge of traffic. This is normally very short lived and does not add any real benefit to your site.

Actually what you are doing to your site is causing a good reason for Google to hit you with a penalty. This could be in the form of taking your site completely out of the search engines or they may just give you a quick slap onWordPress the hand. Are you really ready to take the chances and run the risk of all of your hard work.

If you don't provide quality on your website you will see that while your traffic might spike for a while these new visitors are not likely to return. This is not going to be beneficial at all and can be considered a waste of your time and effort.

Instead you are much better of spending your time on generating quality links to your site. This involves a little more work at first, but your results can be greatly enhanced.

It has been shown that by creating valuable links to your site that you are generating 10 times more related traffic to your site. What this means is that your new visitors are more likely to find value in what you have to offer. Plus they will be tempted to sign up to your mailing list and bookmark your site and return to it.

There are a couple of questions that you want to ask yourself when creating new linkable content to your site.
  • Does it add something of value for my visitors?
  • Does it help make something easier?
  • Am I teaching my readers something new?
  • Am I offering practical advice?
  • Does the content evoke a response in people?

If you can answer yes to at least one of the above then you are on the right track. There are several ways you can add this type of content including:
  • Adding content that is visual
  • Providing a list of helpful resources for your visitor
  • Review products and provide honest feedback
  • Allow your material to be shared

Remember that the internet today is all about sharing and discovering content. You are providing great content on your website, so don't forget to allow your readers to share it with their friends. This is why adding social sharing buttons is an important step in your marketing plans today.

Every time something is shared it is providing a link back to your site. This is fantastic for SEO purposes and you will find that your site starts to rank higher in the search engines. Of course there are lots of tools that you can use to help speed up this process as well. Just make sure you do your homework before deciding to use any of these tools.