Manually Built Backlinks vs. Automated Backlinks

Manual Backlink Building Service -
If you are building backlinks to any of your sites you may be wondering about whether you should build your links manually or if you should use some type of automation tool or even an SEO service.

Building backlinks manually does take time and there are different ways you can build these links including:
  1. Submitting articles to article directories
  2. Using directory submissions
  3. Blog commenting
  4. Forum and membership site profiles
  5. Social bookmarking
  6. RSS submissions
  7. Squidoo
  8. Hub pages
  9. Blogger sites
  10. Tumblr

When it comes to implementing these ideas again, you have several choices.
  1. You can select to outsource the work to a company or individual
  2. You can use automated tools
  3. You can purchase blog comment and buy profile lists
  4. Manually find links and build your own

Plus of course you can mix and match any of the above methods. Let's talk a little more about using automated backlinking methods.

There are certain tools or software that can help automate the backlinking process. Some of these tools include tools such as  Scrapebox and Senuke. You can do a search online for other automated tools and software.

While using an automated backlinking tool is relatively easy and quick there can be drawbacks. One of these is that users tend to get a little overzealous and create way too many backlinks at one time.

The best way to build your backlinks is on a gradual basis. If you suddenly start creating 30 or more backlinks each day, a red flag will go up in Google's eyes. You could potentially get your site de-indexed as your backlinks look unnatural.

You definitely don't want to rush the backlink building process. Instead start creating backlinks in a slow but steady way. This looks more natural, as though people are visiting your blog and leaving comments.

As well as the timing of your backlinks you want to have a mix of the types of links that you create. If you use some of the types of backlinks that we described above such as leaving blog comments and using article directories, you will have a good mix of backlinks. Again keeping all of your backlinks looking natural.

Your goal with backlinking is to have your site look as though lots of different people are finding their way to your blog from different traffic sources.

Before starting your backlink creation process it is a good idea to have a plan in place. Think about where you want your links to come from and the types of links you want to have. Then begin backlinking!