Top 7 Ways to Create Backlinks - With Ease!

Let's take a look at some different ways that you can create backlinks to your site. While some of these may not be entirely new, many get often overlooked.

Indexing Sites: Although these are not your ideal "in content" backlinks, they can be extremely powerful. You can find thousands of these (generally indexing or site-statistics type websites) and manually generate backlinks on them.

OR... if you would rather occupy yourself with something more productive, do what I did and get the Samson Elite WordPress plugin. It not only comes with hundreds of extremely powerful sites built in - it automatically creates these links - for each post - on complete autopilot.

It is a super powerful plugin. I highly recommend it if you have the money!

Manually Built Links: As awesome and as powerful as automated link building is, there is something to be said about manually built links. Although a lot more work on your part, they tend to not only last longer, but have a bigger link-juice boost in the long run as well.

Again, if you're like me and prefer doing something more exciting with your time, there is a really good outsourcing service I use called RankCrew. I've done a bit more in-depth review here.

Aside from the Samson link building automation software and the Manual Link Building service I recommended above, here are 7 more cool ways I get quality backlinks to my clients' websites!

Buy Aged Domains: In SEO terms, an aged domain is one that has been registered for a while and then didn't get renewed. As a result, some of them will have tons of powerful backlinks - making a backlink from that domain (once the site has been rebuilt on it and quality content has been added) extremely effective.

If you hate the idea of building and managing your own network of such sites, consider getting Private Blog Network (PBN) backlinks from someone else's network.

While many such services are expensive, Konrad talks about one he uses that is - in my honest opinion - very reasonably priced.

Get Audio Links: If you do any kind of audio work - such as podcasts - you can easily get dozens of valuable backlinks for free. You then simply submit your podcast or audio recording (could even be music you produced) to audio sharing sites. These sites generally have strong page ranks and will often allow you to place a powerful link on them.

Just do a quick internet search for Audio Sharing sites and you will find ones such as amongst others. Or turn that audio into a simple video and start sharing it. There are a ton of free video sharing platforms online today. As my friends over at Cardiff Web Marketing would say: "If your business does not have online videos, you are missing out on a huge slice of web traffic!"

Leave Testimonials: If you use a particular product all the time, then offer to write a testimonial for the company you bought it from. Allow them to use it on their main page and provide them with your URL.

Many big companies like to prove that their testimonials are real and so will happily allow you a link next to it. This is a great way to not only get a home-page backlink but also generate some targeted traffic as well.

Submit to Directories: While many people think that using directories is a waste of time and effort, getting listed in large ones can provide your site with a powerful backlink.

Join HARO: This stands for Help a Reporter Out and is another extremely powerful way of creating a backlink to your website. You need to join the site first - do that here:

You will receive a couple of emails each day and you simply respond by giving helpful advice, hints, tips and information along with your website. If they use your material you will get business exposure along with a backlink.

Write Guest Post: It is hard to find worthwhile blogs that accept guest posts - but is still a very powerful strategy to getting free WordPress backlinks. Having a guest post on a high ranking WP blog will not only give your business an exposure boost, but give it a solid backlink or two as well.

Twitter is a great way to find guest posts. Make use of the Twitter search function by using a string such as: “your niche” + guest post.

Create & Share Infographics: This is a fairly newer concept but it is one that not many people are taking advantage of when it comes to backlinks. There are plenty of free infographic sites that allow you to make an infographic for free. Spend a few minutes and try this out for yourself.

In Conclusion: You now have a few different ways that you can create backlinks to your site. Now that you have them built, it is time to push them through a link indexing service. After all, what good are all these links if search engines never find out about them?

Here is a quick look at the service I use.