Getting Started with Backlinks

The entire world of SEO can be a confusing one especially if you are new to the online world. You may have your first website or blog up and know that you need to create backlinks but you are not sure where to start.

Well help is here and we will show you some basic things you can do to automatically generate backlinks for your site. Basically backlinks are what shows the search engines just how popular your site is.

We always recommend people to start by interlinking some of your own pages. The best way to do this is when you write a blog post  and then reference it back to an earlier post. For example if Matt Cutts SEO Joke!you are talking about the best exercise methods and you have an earlier post about using a stationary bike then link to this post.

Using this method allows your reader to stay on your blog longer and gives them additional information on the same topic.Plus it helps your site navigation. 

If you don’t have that many posts yet use this method. Create a contact page so people can email you and ask questions. Then link to this on your About page. Just tell people what your blog is about and say you can be contacted here – then add your contact page link. Simple enough and it is quick and easy to do.

Other easy ways to generate backlinks are by leaving comments on other blogs. Search for related blogs and leave good comments with a link back to a particular page or post on your site if possible.

While this provides you with a backlink once your comment is approved, it also helps in other ways. When leaving comments the actual blog owner will take notice of you, this is why it is so important to leave a quality comment. Plus the more comments you leave the more this authority blog will notice you. You may then be in the position of offering to write a guest post which will give you yet another link and hopefully more traffic back to your site.

Another method that can be helpful for people just starting out with backlinks is to use an automatic software which creates backlinks for you. My favorite one is the Samson Plugin. This is a piece of software which is very easy to use and will provide you with quality backlinks.

Finally here are some other ways to create backlinks for your site. Share your posts on Facebook and Twitter and this can also be scheduled by using a site called Hootsuite. There are several of these sites around so just use your favorite one.  Submitting articles to directories is another solid way of creating backlinks, though it is more time consuming.