Are You Looking for More Website Traffic?

This is a question that all marketers never get tired of, who doesn't want to have more traffic to their website? The biggest question of all remains just how to do this. Well, you do have several options which we will talk about below.

The first thing you should be concentrating on is to be adding valuable content to your website. By this we mean adding content so that your visitors can learn something from you. This could be in the form of a resource guide, or by adding tutorial posts to your site. The more value you add to your content, the higher your chances are that your visitors will return.

This leads us to giving your readers an incentive to return. As we mentioned above this could be in the form of content, but it could also be by giving them a free gift of some sort.

Of course in exchange for the free gift the visitor must part with their email address. This allows them to receive the gift and it provides you with a way to follow up with them.

Building a list is important for any marketer and allows you to communicate with them in an additional manner. You can create a follow up sequence of emails which can be based on your website content, or you could add some type of ecourse information for them. You want to teach your list to open and read your emails. Then when you do have a new product to promote you have buyers waiting for you.

You can also generate more traffic by adding videos to your website. If you don't like making videos then try podcasts instead. There is nothing wrong with creating a video out of your blog post. This way you are offering your reader choices when it comes to content. They can listen to you read it or they can read the text version.

By adding videos and sharing them on sites like YouTube you are also generating important links to your site. Having lots of different links to your site allows your site to be visited by more people. This equals more traffic and with more traffic comes more sales.

While many marketers focus solely on creating back links to generate more traffic. If you shift your focus to creating different content, this will do the same thing, just with a more natural look to Google.

Try some of these tactics over the next few weeks and see if your website traffic doesn't increase.