Using Social Media to Create Back Links

This year saw a huge increase in the use of social media sites by marketers, both online and offline. Companies are realizing the value of having a presence on social media sites and are seeing the rewards from doing so.

If you haven't yet incorporated this type of marketing into your business, then you really should. You don't have to have a presence on every media site. Instead select a couple to start with and go from there.

The most popular social media sites today are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

We would suggest starting with at least the top 3 that we listed above. This will give you a good base to start from and will help you to attract a variety of new visitors to your website.

Quite often the one thing that distracts people from incorporating this type of marketing into their business is the factor of time. Yes, it does take time to make posts and to find images and short posts to add to your timeline or newsfeed. The good thing is that you can automate a lot of this work.

Backlink Software

There are tools such as Buffer, Tweet deck and Hootsuite that will automatically publish your posts for you. Some of these tools post to a variety of places, while others have limitations on them. Try out a few and see which ones work the best.

If you have several employees you could add this as a job function or you may like to hire a virtual assistant to do this work instead.

One advantage of posting content to social media sites is that they are a wonderful way to get links back to your site. So you are killing two birds with one stone. Giving your business a social media presence and improving your websites SEO at the same time.

An important factor to marketing on social media sites is that the people who use these sites love images and graphics. All you really need for content is to add a great image with a one or two sentences and your post is ready to go. What could be easier than this?

If you are stuck with ideas for posts for these sites then use an RSS reader such as Feedly and add your favorites sites to it. Along with industry news sites about your niche or business. Check your reader each morning and discover interesting content which you can post to your pages. This has two benefits besides creating links. You are staying on top of all the hot news stories and you are providing your readers with timely and relevant information.

Are you ready to start using social sites more now?