DeConfusing Search Engine Optimization

One of the most common complaints I hear about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is that it is overwhelming and confusing. But is it really?

It isn't. SEO is incredibly simple!

What is overwhelming though is the things being taught about SEO. Gurus try to make it sounds super complicated to help them sell more of their "fix all" products but here's the thing: You don't need their products!

SEO is incredibly simple once you get it, and to truly "get it", you should not look at the gurus, but rather at what has ALWAYS worked to improve search engine rankings.

My good friend and SEO specialist Konrad Braun always reminds me: Susan, you are complicating SEO. Keep it simple! 

And he is right. There is no reason to complicate it!

For starters, you will want good quality content. Content is and always has been the #1 factor for good rankings. Is your content worthwhile? Would someone get what they are looking for if they read it? Are you targeting the proper keywords in it?

Secondly, are sites in your niche linking to you? If not, find a way to get them to link to you. Maybe contact the site owner and ask to do a guest post or ask them how much it would cost you to have them link to you. 

Backlinks are seen as "recommendations". The more recommendations from quality niche related websites your site gets, the better it will rank. Guaranteed!

Simple right? I know. It's basic stuff, but it works.

So as you go into a new year, don't forget to SIMPLIFY your SEO. Complicating it won't make it easier for you to rank!