Getting Your Website Noticed

There are various ways to get your website noticed. You can use social media, you can post lots of great content or you can try and find influencers in your niche who will help promote your site. This last option may take a little more time to achieve, but when it happens the results will be totally worth it.

Your goal is to find places where the influential people in your niche hang out. This could be on their own blogs, in online forums and on various social media sites.

It is fairly easy to locate people on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. You can search for groups or even by name if you know who you are looking for. Then it is simply a matter SEO memeof following what they are doing. You want to keep track and read their posts and any articles that they publish. When you can you want to leave thoughtful and helpful comments on their material. 

When you start doing this often enough this person is going to start recognizing your name. If your comment receives additional comments and questions this tactic will work extremely well.

The influencer is going to make the time to check out what you have to offer. When they like what they see they may start leaving comments on your own blog and social pages. They could even contact you personally and ask you to write a guest post on their blog.

This can lead to a huge surge in traffic to your own site. Be prepared in advance and have an opt in form ready for your newsletter. This way you can collect subscribers which you can mail to at some point.

From an SEO point of view all of this new activity is perfect for generating new links back to your site. Google in particular, will notice this and reward you! Your search engine rankings could become higher and this leads to more traffic for your business.

Of course, it is possible to use lots of tools to get back links for your site, the method we described above looks very natural to the search engines. This is a huge plus for you, the only downside is that it can take a little while for all of this to happen.

A good choice would be to use a back linking tool and then supplement this with getting your website noticed by influencers in your niche.